getting started
Our intuitive system gives artists full control over their exhibits with instant online management.
Uploading, arranging, and captioning are completely artist controlled, with no lag-times or go-betweens.
We have tried to make the ease of use high enough, and the cost low enough, that it's at least better than setting up and maintaining a site yourself, with the added benefit of shared visibility as the community grows.

To get started:
  1. set up your free trial (see creating an artist account);
  2. go to the organizer (or see the organizer manual).
creating an artist account
Your first month on flat grey wall is completely free: no obscure conditions, fine print, rebates, coupons, or hard-to-find phone numbers. After the free trial period, it costs $5/month. You can cancel any time (how?).

To create an artist account and begin your free trial, enter a username and email address below, then hit the create artist account button. You will be taken to PayPal's Subscription Service. If you don't already have one, you will need to open a—legendarily secure, convenient, and free—PayPal account. The effort involved is about the same as making a single credit card payment.

Once we receive validation of your subscription from PayPal, we will email you a password to access your artist account (be sure to whitelist if you have aggressive email filters). That's it! The whole process takes about 5 minutes. Please note that your PayPal account and your artist account are two distinct entities; you don't need to provide matching usernames or email addresses for both accounts; your financial information is stored with PayPal and not shared with us; no one at flat grey wall will ever ask you for your PayPal password.

let's do it!
selling your work
Selling is amazingly easy. You can begin selling your work at any time by entering a PayPal account id (the email address you use to sign into your PayPal account) or Merchant ID (which you can find in your PayPal account profile) in the PayPal account info section of the organizer:wall organizerThat's all; no additional setup at PayPal is needed (see below if you wish to set up sales tax, shipping, or custom payment pages at PayPal). If you have a Personal PayPal account, you will need to upgrade it before you can enable selling for your artist account, because Personal PayPal accounts can't accept credit cards. We don't charge commissions on sales or a higher monthly fee. PayPal, however, does charge a credit card transaction fee on each sale (PayPal fees).
PayPal details
PayPal's 3 steps
When you sign up for a PayPal account, PayPal will ask you to complete two steps for all accounts, and a third for Premier or Business accounts:
  1. Sign up for an account (required);
  2. Verify your information (optional, but probably a good idea at some point).
  3. Set up payment solution (unnecessary for flat grey wall since we do all that for you).
canceling your artist account
Your artist account is free for the first month. To cancel it, just follow PayPal's simple instructions.
from your PayPal account, you can also:
add shipping and handling (or sales tax):
◊My Account»Profile»Selling Preferences»Shipping Calculations (or Sales Tax).
customize the payment page your buyers will see:
◊My Account»Profile»Selling Preferences»Custom Payment Pages»Add, and add a style with a "Page Style Name" of "fgw" (all lower case).
sign me up!
By creating an artist account, you imply that you have read and agree to the license agreement.
artist account username
artist account email address
From your PayPal account, you can cancel your artist account any time (how?).